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Season Two, Episode #004 of Driven Radio with John Viviani of No Driving Gloves

Brett welcomes Special Guest John Viviani from Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, and co-host of the No Driving Gloves podcast, to talk about the amazing museum collection, his restoration vocation, what's to love about a Lotus, and restoring bed pans that survived the Titanic- along with their White Star tissue paper. Plus news about the all new 2020 Toyota Supra (or is that a Beamer? Hard to tell...), and the full Russo & Steele Scottsdale experience - including an Arizona snowstorm. Your home for all things automotive, right here in Driven Radio.

Season Two, Episode #003 of Driven Radio with Luke Chennell

Brett brings in long-time bud Luke Chennell, M.A. Assistant Professor of Technology at McPherson College, for car talk about building a Model T out of whatever you can find, the coolness (or not) of AMC Eagles, and what it's like to siphon gas when you've got bells palsy. Yeah, it's conversation heading down roads you NEVER expected. Plus, news on the new Jeep Gladiator, how four motivated teenagers can cause $800K damage to muscle cars, and hope for the next gen of car geeks.

Season Two, Episode #002 of Driven Radio is on the streets!

Brett Hatfield brings in Drew Alcazar, owner of Russo and Steele, to talk car auctions, the upcoming Scottsdale sale, and how to make a '64 Galaxie not run anymore. Erik Andre Radzins, owner of The Fuel House in Bonner Springs, tells us about the newest, coolest place to take your car, your bike, and your thirst.

Season Two, Episode #001 is live! And we are now Driven Radio!

Season 2, Episode 1 is live! Brett and crew talk about the new name - "Driven Radio Show" - and give a possible co-host a test drive. Then Frank Mecum, Director of Consignments for Mecum Auctions, joins the discussion for insights into outstanding car auctions, including the BIGGEST IN THE WORLD coming up in Kissimmee. The show wraps up with info on a couple of events coming up in Kansas City and in Scottsdale- both of which Brett will be attending. Car talk that's top gear, right here in Driven Radio Show!

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