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Road Muscle Radio Episode #014 with guest Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez

Ever seen a car on fire? It's not good. Ever seen a LAMBORGHINI on fire? It's a nightmare- unless you're Freddy Hernandez, aka "Tavarish" on youtube (@asktavarish), who seems to have a penchant bringing crispy-fried vehicles back to life. Tavarish joins Brett & Catfish for a chat about his Lambo flambé, his other charred cars, and reminds us all that no matter what your project is, don't lose heart, or your mind. "It's just a car." Words to live by. Brett & Catfish also discuss the recent "Cars in the Park" event in KC- and their fave rides, plus an international top-10 list of classic cars to restore...that both the guys don't totally agree with. Put the loud pedal to the metal, it's Ro

Episode #013 of Road Muscle Radio with Chris DiGanci

Brett and Catfish are both huge fans of Halloween, so this 13th episode, before the spookiest day of the year, delivers the goods with special guest Chris DiGanci, one of the founders of the National Hearse and Ambulance Association. Chris talks about how his poor impulse control and desire for strange rides has led to a decades-long love affair with hearses. Plus how to burn blocks-long rubber in a monster body buggy. The Road Muscle hosts also discuss the movement to carry on car culture, the growth of vehicle vending machines, and the money-anemia of a company building a 1000 mph car. Catfish wraps it with his most recent rust-night stand, when he went to check out a 1960 Chrysler Sara

Road Muscle Radio Episode #012 with Dana Forrester

Brett & Catfish bring on Dana Forrester, water color artist and painter of crazy cool cars, plus master judge for concours Corvettes, to talk about his infatuation with Corvettes (Brett's brutha from anutha mutha), his first 'Vette (can you say "'66"?), and the biggest thing that trips up 'Vette owners when competing for honors. Plus, Brett & Catfish talk about autonomous robocop-cars, why Elon Musk is out as spokesmouth for Tesla, and the second in a three-part discussion of storing your baby for the winter- a Midwest necessity when you hate salt up your tailpipe. Hit the loud pedal, it's Show #012 of Road Muscle Radio!

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