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Driven Radio #36: Vern Estes of Vernon Estes Classics

Brett, Mark, and Corey welcome back former co-host and friend of the show Vernon Estes. In a raucous conversation, the guys talk about the new Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford building the nation's largest electric car charging network, and the recently released Ford v Ferrari. Vern discusses the opening of his new warehouse/dealership, and some of the ultra-rare Shelbys he has been trading. All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio! Mustang Mach-E article Ford Charging Network article Ford v Ferrari article Vern Estes Facebook page

Affordable Classics – You Don’t Have to Buy a Bowtie!

The Driven would like to welcome a new member to our team, Mr. Zachary Suell. His work may also be found at Like the rest of us here, Zach is an incurable car fanatic who writes and photographs his automotive muse. We hope you will enjoy his work as much as we do. Everyone knows Chevrolet parts are the cheapest. The problem is Chevrolets have been “the affordable classics” for so long that the cars themselves are getting too expensive to buy now. You can fix one without spending a lot, but you don’t gain anything because the cost of entry is higher. Enough about that for now; time for some alternatives. Mustang coupes are a lot of cool for not a lot of dough. Assuming you

Driven Radio Show #35: John Ross Lumbert of Watch JR Go

Brett, Mark, and Corey welcome special guest JohnRoss Lumbert of YouTube's Watch JR Go. John and Corey discuss their trips to SEMA, the best and worst things they saw, the plethora of Jeep Gladiators and Toyota Supras on display, and all the interesting people they got to meet. JR reveals how he got started working on cars, what a nightmare it is to rebuild an Audi R8, and why he prefers cheap cars to exotics. The guys talk about the recent UAW strike delaying production on the new C8 Corvette, and how a warehouse fire claimed millions of dollars of vintage Porsche parts. All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio! Benton Performance Porsche parts warehouse fire UAW Strike Causes C8

Driven Radio Show #34: Aaron Israel of The Brumos Collection

Brett and Mark welcome special guest Aaron Israel of The Brumos Collection. Aaron talks about interning for the world famous Petersen Automotive Museum, working on vintage race cars, bringing a $7.5 million Peugeot to his alma mater's car show, and the magnificent cars of The Brumos Collection. The guys discuss the mechanical failure that caused Jessi Combs' fatal crash during her speed record attempt in August, press releases from Ford Motor Company about the upcoming Bronco reboot and Bronco R racer, the soon-to-be unveiled Mustang-based electric SUV. All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio! Bronco R Sizzle Reel Ford's Electric Learning Zone Road & Track Jessi Combs crash Instag

Driven Radio Show #33: Chris DiGanci of Dead Ends Hearse Club

Brett, Corey, and Mark welcome returning guest and friend of the show Chris DiGanci, founder of the Dead Ends Hearse Club. Chris talks about why getting into funeral cars is a terrible idea, how buying a '58 Plymouth Fury could result in tetanus, and the pitfalls of driving a '72 Cadillac Miller Meteor hearse cross-country. The guys discuss Driven Radio's new permanent home, the end of the UAW strike, driving a brand new Ford GT, seeing a 2020 pre-production Corvette in the wild, and the Barrett Jackson auction in Las Vegas. All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio! UAW Strike Ends 2019 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction Chris DiGanci on Facebook Chris DiGanci on Instagram Chris DiG

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