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Epsiode #017 of Road Muscle Radio

Show #17 has hit the streets! Catfish and Brett chat with Doug Tabbutt, owner of, about how you can go from being a square car-loving peg with all your career choices being round holes, to owning a kickin' classic & exotic car dealership. It'll give you hope, plus a resource for some great cars. Plus, Komal Choong, founder & CEO of tells his own story about starting a business in his driveway and growing it into a premiere delivered-and-installed-wherever-you-are tire service. And Brett talks Catfish into sharing his trip to Arkansas to end up NOT buying a 1965 Mercury. Lessons learned as gas is burned. Tune in for road noise you want to hear, in Road Muscle Radio. ht

Episode #016 of Road Muscle Radio is up!

Brett and Catfish welcome guest Mike Linner, owner of, to talk about his great website for finding car events across the USA. From raising money for good causes, to puttting them together "just 'cause", Road Muscle Radio wrings info outta Mike to help get your car event on their website (it's so easy!), and tips on how to get your own cool car event started. You'll also get the latest update on the tawdry tale of the "Wild Cherry" van, discover who's willing to sell his hellacious '61 Impala restomod (subtle hint: it's BRETT!), and Road Muscle Radio invites Vreni Fernandez and Butch Papon from the Kansas City Automotive Museum to tell us how KC's own motor mecca came to

Road Muscle Radio Episode #015 with special guest Ed Bolian!

Road Muscle Radio goes oil rags to riches with special guest Ed Bolian, Director of sales at Lamborghini, Atlanta, founder of VINwiki (of vehicle history and youtube fame), aaaand record setting driver in a Cannonball Run. Yeah, a REAL Cannonball Run. They talk renting Lambo's in college, selling hot cars in a cold economy, and Brett & Ed get in the weeds about about Montana vehicle registrations- and how state governments are starting to retroactively go after tax avoidance. Duh-duh-duhhhhhh! Brett & Catfish fill you in on the new 1000 horsepower Hemi CRATE motor (yes, you read that correctly), the pinkie-out proper way to rent your Porsche according to Porsche, and a weekend, road trip, de

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