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Episode #022 of Road Muscle Radio with guest Tom Strongman is up!

In Show #22, Brett Hatfield gives you gift ideas just right for the road warrior on your ho-ho-horsepower list. Road Muscle Radio has an in-studio talk with Tom Strongman, former auto editor for the Kansas City Star, and now freelance journalist and photographer who fills us in on his awesome experience at the 20th Annual Goodwood Revival in England. Can you say millions of dollars in vintage racing machines going HARD on a classic course? The show wraps with RMR friends Vreni & Butch from Kansas City Automotive Museum, telling us about December's cadre of Cadillacs. Road noise you WANT to hear, in Road Muscle Radio!

Episode #021 of Road Muscle Radio is on the streets!

It's out early!! In show #21 of Road Muscle Radio, Brett & Catfish talk about how the collector car market is cool- and has cooled, plus they do some Bronco (dream) busting, and Brett admits there might, maybe, sort of, kinda, could be an electric car he'd consider buying. Of course, it's RUSSIAN, but still.... Ped Watt of Watt Design Photography stops in for a chat about shooting cars both in a setting, and on a race track. Plus Catfish weasels some photo tips out of "Mr. Pro." Tim McCarthy from HUSHMAT and ZYCOAT drops by the studio to discuss how the heck HUSHMAT does its magic on cars, and the amazing, micron-thick ZYCOAT coating that can raise the bar on raising horsepower. Don't miss r

Automotive Photo Artistry from the December 2018 Kansas City Mecum Collector Car Auction

Ped Watt of Watt Design Photography is a photographer specializing in automotive events and interests. He finds art in automobiles; stunning, beautiful, obscure, and sometimes absurd. Here is a sampling from the December 2018 Kansas City Mecum Collector Car Auction. Enjoy! For more of Ped Watt's stunning work, be sure to check out Watt Design Photography at

Episode #020 of Road Muscle Radio is on the streets!

In show #20 of Road Muscle Radio, Brett & Catfish chat about the top 3 cars they wish Santa would put in their garages (because only Santa could help them afford'em!), plus they share maybe the stupidest thing they've done with a that that statute of limitations has run out on such are-you-kidding-me youthful exuberance. In news, they review the look of Chevy's new TRRRUUUUUUUUCK, plus talk about a brand new old Tucker on the way- one that's never been built before. The show wraps up with another visit from Vreni Fernandez & Butcha Papon of Kansas City Automotive Museum, to talk about a freaky deaky display at the museum: The Manta Ray. It's amazing what a couple of 1950's aerospac

Episode #019 of Road Muscle Radio with Gary & Muffy Bennett

Brett & Catfish line up the latest news on a brand new(ish) Porsche, Motortrend's suprise car of the year, wrapping your brain around a bullet train, and GM's painful changes. Then they're joined by Gary & Muffy Bennett, car collectors, motorcycle mavens, and head honchos of Leake Collector Car Auctions, to talk about Leake's plans for the future, plus what they've got hidden in their own garages (cars dreams are made of), aaaaand why they can't use their dining room for dining anymore Road Muscle Radio wraps it up with a discussion about matte paint vs. gloss paint vs. wrap, pulling in experts Rod Hunter from Hot Rod Express in Blue Springs, and Zach Crotts from Wrap Effects Olathe, to weig

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