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My 1960 Corvette

As I have said more times than I care to remember, I have always been a car guy. Even when I was little, my first and favorite memories are of cars. When I was three or four, my father owned a 1972 Corvette convertible, Elkhart Green with a black vinyl mesh interior. I remember standing up (this was long before airbags, crumple zones, mandatory seat belt laws, or the hyper-safety-conscious society of today) in the passenger seat, convertible top down, with Dad’s foot deep in the throttle on a two-lane Missouri highway. I would squeal in delight as that big V-8 roared down the road, blowing my hair back, watching all my surroundings speed up in synchronicity with that green bullet. I loved hi

Episode #009 Road Muscle Radio with Corbin Goodwin

In this show, Brett and Mark chat with Corbin Goodwin, youtube phenom whose car customizing philosophy boils down to "Zero F**ks Given." Good natured, hilarious, skilled out the wazoo, and enjoying the Cali life, Corbin reminds us that even junked cars can be a blast with enough energy drink and Frankenstein's tool shop. Plus, Brett and Mark fill you in on their day, Saturday September 15, at the Ol Marais River Run car show n Ottawa, KS. This thing was AMAZING gathering over 2300 cars and trucks from 1972 and before all in one place. The show wraps up with a great list of events for you and your four-wheeled (or more) friend to check out. Crank up the loud, it's time for Road Muscle Radio!

Road Muscle Radio Episode #008: Mike Musto from The House of Muscle

In episode #008, find out what cool new ride Brett "Birthday Boy" Hatfield just inherited, plus check out our interview with Mike Musto, host of The House Of Muscle on Motor Trend, BIG MUSCLE on the Drive Network, and total car guy. We talk about going from zero to super when starting a car show, why driving old cars is still the awesome, and some of the craziest experiences Mike's had when teaching folks how to drive real muscle. Of course, we'll wrap it up with a calendar of cool car events. Let's roll- with Road Muscle Radio!

Episode #007 Road Muscle Radio

Episode #007 is up! Be sure to check out our interview with Sports Car Market Magazine Managing Editor Jim Pickering!

Episode #006 Road Muscle Radio

EPISODE #006 IS READY TO ROLL!! In this week's podcast, Brett Hatfield & Catfish talk with Amanda Montgomery Gutierrez, VP for Automotive Restoration at McPherson College, about the program itself, the future for graduates, McPherson College Auto Restoration's role in the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and whether Catfish can weasel a junker into their student restoration schedule. Plus, Brett talks about his awesome experience at Monterey, and the guys fill you in on the top 5 wants in back to school cars, how to get a fine piece of...Aston Martin, and all kinds of great car events happening around Kansas City.

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