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Episode #021 of Road Muscle Radio is on the streets!

It's out early!! In show #21 of Road Muscle Radio, Brett & Catfish talk about how the collector car market is cool- and has cooled, plus they do some Bronco (dream) busting, and Brett admits there might, maybe, sort of, kinda, could be an electric car he'd consider buying. Of course, it's RUSSIAN, but still....

Ped Watt of Watt Design Photography stops in for a chat about shooting cars both in a setting, and on a race track. Plus Catfish weasels some photo tips out of "Mr. Pro."

Tim McCarthy from HUSHMAT and ZYCOAT drops by the studio to discuss how the heck HUSHMAT does its magic on cars, and the amazing, micron-thick ZYCOAT coating that can raise the bar on raising horsepower.

Don't miss road noise you WANT to hear, right now in Road Muscle Radio!

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