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Road Muscle Radio Episode #015 with special guest Ed Bolian!

Road Muscle Radio goes oil rags to riches with special guest Ed Bolian, Director of sales at Lamborghini, Atlanta, founder of VINwiki (of vehicle history and youtube fame), aaaand record setting driver in a Cannonball Run. Yeah, a REAL Cannonball Run. They talk renting Lambo's in college, selling hot cars in a cold economy, and Brett & Ed get in the weeds about about Montana vehicle registrations- and how state governments are starting to retroactively go after tax avoidance. Duh-duh-duhhhhhh!

Brett & Catfish fill you in on the new 1000 horsepower Hemi CRATE motor (yes, you read that correctly), the pinkie-out proper way to rent your Porsche according to Porsche, and a weekend, road trip, death-defying adventure to look at a mid-60's Mercury Breezeway for Catfish.

Put the loud pedal to the metal, in this week's Road Muscle Radio!

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