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Driven Radio Show #126: John Kraman of Mecum Auctions

Brett, Mark, and Corey welcome returning guest John Kraman to discuss Mecum Auction's huge numbers from last month's Indianapolis sale, their inaugural Tulsa, Oklahoma sale, the state of the collector car market, and all the upcoming events on the Mecum calendar. In the news, you can own a modern Shelby Cobra prototype, the latest offering from Bugatti is limited to 273 miles per hour and costs more than all the houses in my cul-de-sac combined, and you can have the ultimate collection of Aston Martin DB5s if your pockets are deep enough. All this and much more on this week's driven radio!

Driven Radio Show

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Classic Motorsports: Now You Can Drive Miss Daisy Yourself: Mecum Offers V10-Powered Shelby Cobra Prototype

Road & Track: Bugatti's Latest Chiron Has a 273-MPH Speed Limiter and Costs $3.9 Million

Road & Track: You Can Own This Epic Trio of Aston Martin DB5s for a Cool $5.68 Million

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