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Driven Radio Show #124: Ill-Advised Corvette Adventures

This week, Corey discusses attending Porsche club events and an incredible Mustang raffle, Mark regales us with tales of motorcycle trailers, and Brett recounts his epic 2,400-mile drive from California to Kansas in a fifty-six-year-old Corvette. In the news, an incredible automotive library is up for grabs, the new Hummer EV could use a trip to Jenny Craig, and Lambo embraces the electric future. All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio!

Driven Radio Show

Shelby Mustang Super Snake "Blue Hornet" Raffle

Kendon Fold-Up Motorcycle Trailer

Brett and the '65 Corvette on Cannery Row in Monterey

Outside Reno, NV

Driving across Nevada

In the Colorado Rockies

Finally home after a pouring rain

Road & Track: John Lamm's Automotive Library is For Sale

Road & Track: The New Electric Hummer Will Weigh As Much As Four Miatas

Road & Track: Every Lamborghini Will Be a Hybrid by 2024

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