Driven Radio Show #52: Alex Roy

March 28, 2020

Brett, Mark, and Corey welcome Alex Roy, auto journalist, author, former Cannonball Run record holder, amazing raconteur, and general traffic scofflaw to talk about mystery Porsches, high-speed driving, police uniforms, responsible speeding, and his movie APEX: The Secret Race Across America. In the news, the guys discuss Hennessy's plan to turbocharge the new Corvette, Ford and Elon Musk helping fight COVID-19, Lamborghini's recall of some Aventador SVJs, and all the great car-related stuff you can watch while quarantined. All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio Show!


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Human Driving Association


Hennessy Turbo Corvette article


Ford Is Using Seat Ventilation Fans to Build Thousands of Respirators


Elon Musk Donated 1,000 Ventilators to Hospitals Treating Coronavirus


Lamborghini Is Recalling the Aventador SVJ Because It Might Trap You Inside


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