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2019 Exotics on Broadway

Monterey Car Week is home to a plethora of car shows, events, parties and auctions, catering to a gamut of different interests and tastes. The show covers nearly a half-mile of Broadway Avenue from Del Monte Boulevard to Freemont Boulevard, in nearby Seaside, California. This is not your average car show, with show-goers mingling between entries, cautious not to bump into one another. This is a just shy of a mob. The street is so jam-packed with enthusiasts, the cars scarcely have room to drive to their assigned spots. Throngs of people, many wielding cameras, hoping to be the next Larry Chen, must be repeatedly pushed back by event staff to allow exotic, super, and hyper-cars a path. The massive crowd is one of the reasons City of Monterey officials turned down the show’s return to Cannery Row, forcing organizers to seek an alternate venue. Conservative estimates put the crowd around 35,000.

The arrival of each new car was announced loudly, with screaming revs exiting through tuner exhausts. Like a siren’s song, the crowd that had only slightly dispersed from the last car rushed in yet again to get a peek, or more likely a pic, of the next entrant. Event staff had their hands full.

Once the cars are staged in their assigned places, the show became more typical, although the palpable electricity remained. There is something about being in the presence of multiple Ferrari F50s, Porsche 918s, McLarens and Koenigseggs. Where else could you see a line of Koenigsegg Ageras followed closely by a wave of Pagani Zondas and Huayras? Welcome to Exotic Car Mecca.