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Driven Radio Show #25: Kyle Smith, Great Race Competitor

Brett and Vern welcome Kyle Smith of Hagerty Magazine. The guys talk about driving a 1917 Peerless Speedster over 2,300 miles in the Great Race, what it takes to prepare for such an event, and the lessons learned, and Kyle's 19th place overall finish. Brett and Vern discuss a story about a local woman using technology to snare the woman who stole her car, and the new Ford Bronco pickup that may be coming to market. In Exit Lane Live, they talk about the debut of the new eighth generation Corvette, and its place in the performance car world. All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio!

Driven Radio Show #25: Kyle Smith, Great Race Competitor

Kansas City woman steals her car back

Possible Bronco Pickup in the works

C8 Corvette reveal watch

Kyle Smith Great Race article

Kyle Smith Instagram

Kyle Smith email

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