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Driven Radio Show Episode #07: Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders

Brett welcomes special guest Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders, Gotham Dream Garage, and Adventure Drives. They discuss how Rob transformed from being a golf caddie to racing in multiple Bull Runs, supplying super cars to the rich and famous, and his upcoming trip to Iceland.

Brett and Catfish discuss de-cluttering your garage and mourn the passing of Sir John Haynes, creator and publisher of the Haynes manuals. We talk about the lawsuit against Jerry Seinfeld over one of his magnificent Porsches, and potential ramifications of that suit.

Finally, Vreni Fernandez and Butch Papon of the Kansas City Automotive Museum join us to talk about what's happening at the museum in February and in months to come. All on Driven Radio! Just click on the handy Driven Radio tab above, or use the following link:

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