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Episode #019 of Road Muscle Radio with Gary & Muffy Bennett

Brett & Catfish line up the latest news on a brand new(ish) Porsche, Motortrend's suprise car of the year, wrapping your brain around a bullet train, and GM's painful changes.

Then they're joined by Gary & Muffy Bennett, car collectors, motorcycle mavens, and head honchos of Leake Collector Car Auctions, to talk about Leake's plans for the future, plus what they've got hidden in their own garages (cars dreams are made of), aaaaand why they can't use their dining room for dining anymore

Road Muscle Radio wraps it up with a discussion about matte paint vs. gloss paint vs. wrap, pulling in experts Rod Hunter from Hot Rod Express in Blue Springs, and Zach Crotts from Wrap Effects Olathe, to weigh in on how each works, and what might be best for you.

It's road noise worth listening to, in Road Muscle Radio!

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