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Road Muscle Radio Episode #014 with guest Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez

October 26, 2018

Ever seen a car on fire? It's not good. Ever seen a LAMBORGHINI on fire? It's a nightmare- unless you're Freddy Hernandez, aka "Tavarish" on youtube (@asktavarish), who seems to have a penchant bringing crispy-fried vehicles back to life. Tavarish joins Brett & Catfish for a chat about his Lambo flambé, his other charred cars, and reminds us all that no matter what your project is, don't lose heart, or your mind. "It's just a car." Words to live by.  

Brett & Catfish also discuss the recent "Cars in the Park" event in KC- and their fave rides, plus an international top-10 list of classic cars to restore...that both the guys don't totally agree with. Put the loud pedal to the metal, it's Road Muscle Radio!


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