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Thoughts on Our Automotive Future

Having just returned from what, for me, is the best car weekend all year long (The annual McPherson College C.A.R.S. Show), my mind is swimming with the vivacity of our automotive heritage, and the growth in interest of preserving that heritage. With that, I think this article needs to be revisited. This is in response to an article Bob Lutz wrote for Automotive News in November, 2017. It can be found here: In the automotive world, there are a number of titans, dead and alive. Henry Ford, Bill Mitchell, Harley Earl, Soichiro Honda, Carroll Shelby, Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, Ferruccio Lam

2016 Vail Wheels and Wings & Vail Automotive Classic

When planning auto events you'd like to hit this year, be sure to add this one to your calendar. The Vail Wheels and Wings/Vail Automotive Classic is not to be missed! As the return of the Vail Wheels and Wings & Vail Automotive Classic will be returning in 2018 after a one-year hiatus, it seems timely to post this. This is one of the great car events, in a setting almost too gorgeous to believe. If you were ever looking for an excuse to drive your favorite car in the Rockies, this may be it! Fall came early to the Colorado Rockies this year, with the Aspen trees lending their brilliant yellow hue to the full spectrum of colors present at the 2016 Vail Wheels and Wings Festival and Vail Auto

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done in a car?

For many of us, cars are more than just basic transportation. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be websites like this one. For we the car geeks, the motorheads, the gearheads, who get seriously twisted for speed and danger, who long for the smell of rich exhaust and burnt rubber, who yearn for the sounds of rumbling engines and squealing tires, we who burn with the need to be cool, but who will settle for a cool ride, our car is our statement. It is our escape, our freedom, our chosen persona unhampered by genetics, appearance, IQ, or whether or not we can think of the right thing to say to the hot girl at the party. Our cars are us, as we choose to see ourselves, and as we would have others s

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